Microsoft Paint Update

Microsoft reported back in 2017 that Microsoft Paint (MS Paint) would have been censured and taken out in the following Creators Update. A considerable lot of us Microsoft Paint fans and clients have been concerned each time we open it since it posts a cautioning message each time you run the application.

Microsoft Paint is one of the most well-known Windows programs. Furthermore, despite the fact that it was announced in 2017 that Paint will be removed, Microsoft has decided to retain it and give it a minor upgrade. The news had a positive impact on the users.

With that said, Paint will be moved to the App store soon. This means it won’t be automatically downloaded into the OS.

“Providing Paint via the Microsoft Store is advantageous in terms of making upgrades regularly available (as opposed to them being delivered with Windows 10 feature upgrades), and it means the app won’t be in the operating system by default.”

Source: TechRadar

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