Ads Included in Outlook on Smartphones

Users who utilize the mobile (iOS or Android) version of Outlook may choose between a unified inbox that contains all incoming messages or a tabbed inbox that divides incoming emails into two categories, which include “Focused” for high-priority communications and “Other” for everything else.

Microsoft has expanded its advertising to single-inbox mode, while previously it had only shown advertisements to free clients in the “Other” section.

According to sources, Microsoft has been progressively implementing this change over the past few months. Unfortunately, it means that it is now harder for free users to avoid advertisements on Outlook mobile. It hasn’t bode well for Microsoft, however. They’ve been receiving negative feedback because of it.

Nobody likes ads, and Outlook mobile users have left numerous one-star review complaints for the app on Apple’s App Store. Some on Twitter and Reddit have also been expressing their frustration over more ads appearing in Outlook mobile, but the only way to now avoid them fully is by subscribing to Microsoft 365.

Source: The Verge

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