Windows 10 May Update Pushed on April 2018 Update

If you have an older update on your computer, be prepared for this.

Windows has previously announced the beginning of the Windows 10 May 2019 Update for users with devices that have not installed the latest update and are nearing end of service. As of July 16, the updating process has begun with the Home and Pro editions to ensure ample time for everything to run as expected.

Though many users aren’t happy about this forced update, Windows assures that they will, “closely monitor update feedback to allow [them] to prioritize those devices likely to have a good update experience and quickly put safeguards on other devices while [they] address known issues.” This is to ensure customers that Support will continue. Be sure to remember that you can delay the update for a short time. Those with Home and Pro editions will be able to choose a time that works for them and pause the update for up to 35 days.

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