Uninstall Optional Update, Microsoft Says

Users of Windows 11 are advised to uninstall a recent update, according to Microsoft.

Named “KB5012643”, this particular update has been causing a ruckus. Many programs are crashing as a result of the optional update, according to various sources.

One of the issues is the interaction between the update and .Net Framework, which is pre-installed on Windows. Because it is presently unknown which programs are afflicted by the problem, the only solution is to remove the update. Doing so is simple and effective.

How to uninstall this update:

  1. Locate ‘Windows Update Settings’ in the start menu.
  2. Click ‘View Update History’ from that window.
  3. ‘Uninstall Update’ should be selected.
  4. Locate ‘KB5012643’ and choose ‘Uninstall’.

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