Apple Diagnostic Tools Available

Apple offers a number of different operating systems. These include Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, and the planned Monterey edition, which debuted in 2021. By selecting the Apple Logo in the upper left corner of the screen, you can see which version of Mac OS X is currently operating on your Mac device. Once the drop-down option opens, choose About This Mac from the list, and a window with information will display.

Apple Diagnostics is the name of one of the computer diagnostic tools developed by Apple. If you believe that your Mac is experiencing a hardware problem, Apple Diagnostics can aid you in determining which hardware component is currently causing problems. It also supports you in contacting Apple Support and provides you with a variety of other solutions.

Disk Utility is a straightforward and useful program. Formatting, block accounting, volume bitmaps, and other issues may be checked quickly using this way of checking. Whenever an issue is detected, Disk Utility will make an attempt to resolve it on its own initiative. Disk Utility may be found by going to the Launchpad and searching for it. When the window appears, you’ll notice that the first tab is labeled “First Aid.”

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