Personal Vault Announced by Microsoft

Seth Patton, General Manager of Microsoft 365 introduced OneDrive Personal Vault today on their blog. He states, “With the growing presence and sophistication of online threats, it’s increasingly important to have the right protection and tools to help safeguard your devices, personal information, and files from being compromised.”

This new security feature includes additional protection your more important files and information on your personal account. And while OneDrive initially has its own set of security measures, many customers seemed to want just a little more.

The Personal Vault has some pretty handy benefits, including:

  1. Easy Access: adding a 2-step authentication, fingerprint, PIN code, or a code sent to e-mail or through text.
  2. Scan Documents: using the OneDrive app on your phone, you can take pictures or scan documents and place them directly in your Personal Vault.
  3. Locks up Automatically: after a certain time amount of inactivity, your account locks up on its own.

Personal Vault will be available to everyone by the end of 2019, so keep a look out. However, if you’re in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, you’ll be accessible sooner!

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