Microsoft Announces Changes to Office 365

There has been quite the demand for Office 365, so Microsoft had to step in to make temporary changes during the Coronavirus.

Since the outbreak, many companies have requested their employees to work from home remotely. This in turn has increased demand for Windows Tools, such as Office 365, OneNote, Streaming, and SharePoint, according to Windows Central. However, because this has occurred, Microsoft has had to lower the video resolution, deactivate any new video uploads, and restrict file attachment downloads to 100 MB.

ZDNet also includes the following specifics to the changes:

  • OneNote in Teams will be read-only for commercial tenants, excluding EDU. Users can go to OneNote for the web for editing.
  • Download size and sync frequency of file attachments have been changed
  • We are rescheduling specific backend operations to regional evening and weekend business hours. Impacted capabilities include migration, DLP and delays in file management after uploading a new file, video or image.
  • Reduced video resolution for playback videos.
  • People timeline has been disabled for newly uploaded videos. Pre-existing videos will not be impacted.
  •  Meeting recording video resolution adjusted to 720p

There’s no telling how long this change will last. Healthcare workers and government agencies will take Cloud priority with Microsoft.

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