Tech Companies Donating to Health Workers

Worldwide companies are banding together to help the healthcare professionals with supplies for the pandemic.

Tech companies are pitching in to help with the Coronavirus pandemic. According to Cnet, Intel and Apple have supplied millions of masks for those in the healthcare industry to help the fight against COVID-19.

“We will donate masks, gloves, face shields and other gear that we have sourced from our factory stock and emergency supplies, and we’ll continue to look for additional sources of personal protective equipment that we can source and donate as quickly as possible to meet our commitment of more than a million items,” said the director of Global Public Affairs for Intel in a press release yesterday.

The Trump administration announced Apple’s plans to contribute to the cause as well. 2 million industrial masks were committed by Apple to assist healthcare workers to avoid the spread of this virus. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple also tweeted throughout the week that they were pledging $15 million during this troubling time. This assistance included a large amount of medical supplies to Italy. Facebook has also added to this donation with 750,000 masks.

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