MacOS Update Hiccups with Crashes

If your Macbook has updated to Catalina OS 10.15.4 and you’ve experienced crashes, you’re not alone.

Yesterday, many users blew up Twitter about their issues. Since the update release, many Macbooks have crashed after being woken up from sleep mode. Although they have reached out to users on Twitter, Apple Support has yet to respond to this bug in an announcement.

One Twitter user stated, “Brand new 64gb macbook Pro and same issue. Nothing installed vanilla just got, instantly crashing. One thing open was Safari on BBC homepage. Left 15 mins came back crashed. Continously since. Installed stuff same. Reformat same. Big problems unusable.”

However, after scanning through Twitter feed, one user said that they were able to disable automatic graphics switching.

It’s completely unclear if that will work for every Macbook user who is currently experiencing issues. But it may seem like it’s worth a try.

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