Mac and Wi-Fi Connection Issue Fix

Here’s a quick and simple technique to get your Mac back online and connected to your Wi-Fi if you’re having problems getting it to do so.

First off, verify that your modem/router is connected to the internet by checking the settings.

To do this, check to see that all of the lights, including the internet one, are blinking green. Make certain your Wi-Fi router is properly configured as well.

Once you’ve verified that your modem/router is properly connected, go to your Mac and restart Wi-Fi. To see whether the problem persists, try restarting your modem or router.

When everything else fails, restart your Mac and try connecting to your Wi-Fi connection again. Checking to see if your Mac’s Wi-Fi is turned on should go without saying. The Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar can be checked by clicking on it. Turn off your Mac if the network appears to be working normally. After a few seconds, re-energize the device by turning it on.

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