Let’s Talk Google Sandbox and Privacy

More and more web users are concerned with the amount of data websites are collecting. Online privacy seems more scarce as time goes by. 

David Temkin shared a study by  Pew Research Center on the Google Adsblog, stating “72% of people feel that almost all of what they do online is being tracked by advertisers, technology firms or other companies, and 81% say that the potential risks they face because of data collection outweigh the benefits”.

However, browser companies are working diligently to remove third party cookies. Firefox and Safari have already put that order into place, although no one seems to know how in depth they go with the removal. Google intended on moving in that direction earlier this year.

Back in August of 2019, Justin Schuh, the Director of Chrome Engineering wrote a blog post introducing their new privacy enhancing tool called Privacy Sandbox. But what is Privacy Sandbox? The Chrome Developer blog explains:

The Privacy Sandbox initiative proposes a set of privacy-preserving APIs to support business models that fund the open web in the absence of tracking mechanisms like third-party cookies. It was introduced in 2019, and Chrome shared updates on progress in January and October last year. 

Source: Chrome Developer Blog

Google will not be utilizing any alternative techniques for tracking, in hopes third party cookies will become obsolete.

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