Let’s Talk Bloatware

When it comes to computer terminology, seeing any word ending in ‘ware’ is worrisome. Malware, Ransomware, and spyware are just a few that raise red flags as they are created to sneak into unsecured software. This in turn gives hackers the ability to steal personal information such as social security numbers or bank credentials.

No one wants that. We want to feel safe and secure during our time on the web. I’m sure we can all be in agreement that our computer time, in general, should be a pleasant experience.

So let’s talk about another kind of ‘ware’, named Bloatware. What is it exactly?

So a short answer is, Bloatware is simply unnecessary, preinstalled software.

These preinstalled apps can cause issues within the operating system. You may find a reduction in battery life or a lower quality in performance. Just recently, WindowsLatest shared an announcement made by Microsoft. This statement explains how Microsoft understands some of the preinstalled apps available on Windows 10 are often useless to users.

“When you buy a new device, you expect it to be clean with fewer apps. Unfortunately, most new Windows 10 PCs are clogged with unnecessary preloaded software from Microsoft and OEMs, and even the clean install of the OS includes unwanted apps, such as 3D Viewer and Paint 3D.”

Source: WindowsLatest

Thankfully, Microsoft has shared that their upcoming updates will include an ‘optional’ button for those apps you may not use. This change will most likely be seen in the upcoming Sun Valley update in October or November.

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