iOS 15 Announcement

Today begins Apple’s WWDC, streaming live on YouTube. This conference will be announcing a handful of upcoming features and tools for developers, the new iPhone 13, and iOS 15.

The FaceTime app will get an upgrade with Spacial Audio. This allows conversations to be more natural. Also, when in horizontal mode, backgrounds will be blurred, so you are the one in focus.

Another feature in FaceTime will add SharePlay. This can allow those on the video call to listen to music or watch a movie together.

iOS 15 will include new features to Messages. Developers have been working on something called Shared With You. News articles, photos, and music can be shared easily through messages. The shared information will be saved in the appropriate apps for you.

This is just a small part of the bigger iOS picture. Come back later for more information, or go to Apple’s WWDC video on YouTube.

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