iOS 13 Update Bugs and Security Concerns

With the newly released iOS 13, Apple users were excited to try out some of the fun, innovative features included in this update. iOS 13 optimized Face ID and app download sizes and introduced Dark Mode. However, with its launch came with security and privacy bugs.

App crashes, camera issues and deny location access settings are just a few of the bugs that are causing a ruckus on the iPhone. According to Forbes, they write, “Specifically, it seems iOS 13 isn’t respecting the location privacy settings for certain apps. Fast Company posted a video, showing how the OS would not accept a “Never” access location command, instead changing it back to “Ask Next Time.”

It is rumored that Apple will be releasing their iOS 13.1 update tomorrow, September 24th, so if you are looking to update your iPhone, then that may be the time to do it. This patch should fix the bugs accordingly, as they understand the seriousness of the issues at hand.

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