Free Up Space on Mac

If you delete trash files on a regular basis, you will be able to limit the amount of clutter on your computer. Doing so avoids you having to engage in a prolonged purge of eliminating old files when you are either fully out of space or almost out of space.

However, if your Mac is low on storage space, here’s a quick way to remedy it.

Access the Storage section by clicking the Apple symbol in the menu bar, selecting About This Mac, and selecting Storage. From there, select the Manage option.
Select the Applications option. You will see a listing of all apps ordered by the amount of storage space they require. Select the software or applications you wish to delete, then click Delete.
The removed applications are moved to the Trash. Emptying the Trash will free up more space.

You can also download AppCleaner, an app that removes apps and its files quickly.

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