Fingerprint Sensor is Making a Comeback on Apple

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at Apple shared a feature that will be included in iPhones in 2021: fingerprint sensor. This feature definitely isn’t new on Apple devices, but with Face ID implemented, the sensor wasn’t needed. However, coming up in the following years, iPhones will have both features incorporated.

According to MacRumors, “Kuo believes that GIS and Qualcomm will benefit from iPhone’s adoption of FOD, with the former providing the “large-area sensing ultrasonic” technology and the latter supplying the ultrasonic FOD module and lamination. Kuo also argues that the likelihood of FOD in iPhones will increase if¬†Apple Watch¬†supports a biometric function in the future.”

Kuo and other analysts think that fingerprint sensors will drastically progress with technology within a year and a half time frame, so including FOD (fingerprint on display) will be a huge advantage to Apple devices. Will involving both FOD and Face Recognition increase the price of the Apple products? It’s unclear. However, the reasoning behind adding both features to future iPhones is to bring additional security and accessibility to suit users’ needs.

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