Clear Clipboard on Android

Android smartphones always store the contents of the clipboard. To use a password on a website or app, users of password managers typically copy the password to the clipboard first.

Smartphone clipboard data is little. The clipboard is where your phone’s copied text goes. Tap to paste what’s on the clipboard. The clipboard gets new data. Clipboard Manager stores information from the Android clipboard. These data will make your phone run slower, use up memory, and store temporary information. Clear out the clipboard.

In the future, Android will preserve the password in its memory rather than erasing it. If someone were to steal or gain access to your phone, they might check your clipboard history and steal all of your passwords.

Therefore, it is essential to regularly delete the clipboard history.

Simply open an application that you copy/paste information on. Once there, press and hold on to the text box. The option “Clipboard” will come up. You should find a trash icon on the bottom corner of the screen.

When using Android, clearing the cache of the most recently used app will also clear the clipboard. A clipboard item or the app’s clipboard, whichever came last, is removed using this technique.

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