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Computer problems – Phishing

Here are a few TIPS to spot fraudulent phishing emails:
– A familiar (contact)name may appear in the ‘From’ and/or ‘Reply to’ field
–> Hover over the name(s) to see if unknown addresses appear instead of the correct and known address belonging to the familiar contact!
– The Subject line may contain a seemingly harmless message, e.g.: “Do you know about this” or “Take a look”
– Phishing emails may be disguised as an official email from a trustworthy entity, e.g. a bank
–> Look for misspellings!
– A strange hyperlink in the body of the message? Do NOT CLICK this link, as it may lead to a spoofed Website!

KarlsTechnology endorses SAFE WEB SURFING practices!!!

Computer security issues – Mobile devices

While many mobile apps access your “sensitive personal data” solely for benevolent, helpful purposes (e.g.: track your location to help you find nearby restaurants or to set geo-fenced reminders) others, in turn, can be designed for malicious intent. Be conscious of potentially virus-laden apps which can compromise the security of your personal information!

Computer technology

“It can be argued that the computer is humanity’s attempt to replicate the human brain. This is perhaps an unattainable goal. However, unattainable goals often lead to outstanding accomplishment.”
― Ammaar Shaukat Reshi