Apple’s Tracking Feature

Using Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature, Apple users can prevent ad tracking.

All app developers are now required by Apple to acquire the user’s consent before tracking. This implies that when you launch a newly downloaded program, a window will ask you if you agree for it to follow your actions.

“If you give permission for your activity to be tracked, the app can allow information about you or your device collected through the app (for example, a user or device ID, your device’s current Advertising identifier, your name, email address, or other identifying data provided by you)”, says Apple.

If not, it should refrain from disclosing your search and location information to marketers and other third parties.

Here’s how to automatically deny app tracking requests:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll to Privacy in Settings.
  3. Toggle off tracking by clicking the option “Allow App to Request to Track”

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