Your Mac Performance and Storage Space

If your startup disk is getting close to being full, you might get a warning about it. If you choose to ignore this warning, there is a chance that your Mac will no longer boot after you restart it. You might run into problems if your Mac doesn’t have enough storage space.

When there is insufficient storage space on your Mac, you may experience a number of problems as well as a noticeable delay, which prevents it from functioning at its maximum capacity. You may be unable to install a macOS update on your device if there is insufficient free space available on the device.

Your Mac breaks down and displays, under the Overview menu, the total amount of storage space that is being used by the various types of files that you have on your computer. The Finder provides a number of different approaches to calculating the amount of available storage space on your hard drive.

You could delete each individual file contained within the System folder using the delete key on your keyboard. You should only proceed in this manner if you are positive and are confident in that knowledge. In the event that something goes wrong with your Mac, you should make sure that you have a comprehensive backup of its storage.

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