What if files or applications are missing?

The fact that something isn’t saved where you expect it to be doesn’t always indicate that the application or document you’re looking for is no longer available to you. Erroneous clicks can cause folders and files to be dropped into locations where they were not intended to be.

First, make sure you haven’t mistakenly deleted any files or shortcuts by checking your Recycle Bin. If the object you’re looking for happens to be in there, delete it immediately before accessing it or saving any modifications to it.

Next, take a quick peek at your taskbar to see if the application or document you’re looking for is already running.

The final option is to simply put the name of the application or file into the Search Box on the taskbar, which is clearly displayed next to the Windows button. If you’re looking for a certain document or spreadsheet, you may also utilize File Explorer to locate it. In Windows, choose the folder icon from your taskbar and type anything into the search box at the top right of the window that appears.

Aside from that, the Word and Excel programs in Microsoft Office also include a “open recent” option that is really useful. All you have to do is click the File tab, then “Open,” and either Recent Documents (in Word) or Recent Workbooks (in Excel) will be the default selection. If your lost file is located somewhere else, such as on OneDrive, you can utilize this navigation window to locate it.

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