Update Routers to Prevent Bricking

Routers need firmware, like computers and phones.

Like other devices, your router’s firmware must be updated. Many firmware updates are security remedies for router vulnerabilities. Hackers could take over your network through these weaknesses.

You must periodically visit the “Support” area of your router’s manufacturer’s website for firmware updates.

New updates should be implemented as soon as possible. If you can’t update your router’s firmware, you could break it. “Bricked”, as computer gurus call it, signifies broken electronic equipment can’t be used.

If you can’t install these updates, ask a computer professional.

If you are experiencing computer issues, please give us a call at 1-800-620-5285.  Karls Technology is a nationwide computer service company with offices in many major cities.  This blog post is brought to you by our staff at the Riverview Computer Repair Service. If you need computer repair in Riverview, FL, please call the local office at (813) 400-2865.

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