There’s already talk of Windows 12?!

Windows 12 rumors have already begun to surface in the computer sector. Microsoft released Windows 11 only a year ago, and some people are still unable to install it on their PC owing to hardware requirements.

Tech blogs from all across the world express their thoughts on the work of a new operating system:

Computerbase reports that “developments on the new operating system are already set to begin,” according to a now-redacted tweet from security expert SwiftOnSecurity.

The original post has been taken down now, with the tweet having “not been well received by Microsoft,” says Computerbase. But the fact this came from a user who’s touting an official ‘Most Valuable Professional’ (MVP) award, coupled with the fact Microsoft took notice all, adds yet more plausibility to Deskmodder’s claims that work on Windows 12 would be starting from March this year.

Source: PCGamer

So what improvements and new features might Windows 12 bring with it? Users have been peppering Microsoft with feature requests, with some of these wishes set to be granted in upcoming updates to Windows 11, tentatively called Sun Valley 2.

Source: TechRadar

There’s no word from Microsoft about the speculations. And we probably won’t hear any kind of confirmation for a while.

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