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Host Your Own Server on Microsoft Azure

Ziv Rafalovich, the Principal Program Manager of Azure Compute published a blog post yesterday, announcing Azure Dedicated Host. This service will allow your business’ Windows or Linux devices to run on your own server. Please note that this is the preview period. And only the Dsv3 and Esv4 Azure Virtual Machine series are established at this time. Fsv2 support machines are coming soon.

He states in his post, ” We are extending Azure Hybrid Benefit to Azure Dedicated Hosts, so you can save money by using on-premises Windows Server and SQL Server licenses with Software Assurance or qualifying subscription licenses. Azure Dedicated Host is in preview in most Azure regions starting today [August 1st].”

This particular service will allow you to manage necessary regulations within your company, such as monitoring. To set up your Hosting account, you can head over to the Azure portal. There are no costs upfront and you only have to pay for what you need. Also, there are no termination fees.

If you’re looking into hosting your own server, check this one out. For more information about Azure, head on over to the Azure Dedicated Host site and the Azure Hybrid Benefit page.

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