The dreaded Blue Screen Error

The dreaded “BSOD or Blue Screen Of Death” – the error message notorious for its confusing, intimidating text against an electric blue background screen. The infamous error with the irritating capability of popping up at the worst time imaginable, exactly when the unsuspecting technology user may have been working on something important or perhaps when he/she had almost reached the victorious next stage in a video game! Sound familiar?

Breathe….In some cases, a blue screen error, also referred to as a STOP error, is not a very severe issue but an annoying one regardless. Insufficient RAM or disk space is one of the simpler reasons as to why your system could be showing a blue screen error. However, all blue screen error messages can ultimately cause problems with the operating system and the hard drive over time. Therefore, EARLY PROBLEM DETECTION IS CRUCIAL. When your system encounters a critical error, your system shuts down (a preventative measure to avoid further damage) and the BSOD error message appears. In some cases the BSOD serves as an indicator of a very serious fundamental issue. Frequent BSOD’s suggest more serious problems and can cause considerable damage to your system. Here is a list of some potential underlying causes of a BSOD:

  • Physical hardware damage such as a faulty power supply or faulty RAM, malfunctioning hardware
  • Temperature: Overheating of computer components
  • Application installations, hardware upgrades, system updates, software errors
  • Registry corruption
  • Malware and computer viruses

The blue screen provides a cryptic breakdown of the existing issue. Our trusted Karls Technology engineers will utilize this message for diagnostic purposes and repair – IDENTIFY the address where the error message occurred, DETERMINE the type of error and most importantly, REPAIR & RESOLVE the issue!

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