Someone Hijacked Phorpiex botnet and Uninstalling Their Malware

Late last month, security analysts recognized a hijack of the Phorpiex botnet.

Phorpiex Botnet is a 10 year old network that has spread malware and has affected computers all across the world. And if you have this particular malware on your computer, you may have found a pop-up message saying “Please install AntiVirus Software and update your computer!”

At first, security analysts thought it was a prank by the Phorpiex network. However, they soon realized that the malware was slowly dissipating from those affected.

Though there’s no definite explanation for this, some say that it’s possible another malware network hacked into the Phorpiex system so they would lose funds. Competition seems to heighten in the cyber-criminal world.

To avoid these, and other malware problems on your PC, make sure to keep your operating system up to date and have the latest anti-virus software installed.

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