New Themes to Microsoft Edge Browser

Windows 11’s Mica theme makes window borders and title bars look like they’re made of transparent material. There have been speculations that the experimental ‘Mica’ effect is about to get a bigger rollout in Microsoft Edge.

According to WindowsLatest, “Mica is now visible in the title bar, tabs stripe and even the bookmark/favourites stripe. Additionally, Microsoft Edge tabs also have rounded edges now. The Mica integration means less of a performance hit as compared to Acrylic, and the overall idea is to add some shininess to the browser.”

You’ll discover that you have the ability to alter the look of Microsoft Edge to suit your preferences under the Settings section of the browser. This has a bright mode and a dark mode, in addition to several different theme options.

It’s important to remember the browser will have to be restarted for the changes to be implemented.

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