Let’s Briefly Talk about UPnP

Due to its widespread use, it’s possible users may already have used UPnP.

For those unfamiliar with the phrase “networking protocol,” UPnP stands for Universal Plug & Play. Using these protocols, devices of different kinds may instantaneously interact with one another via a network. When a gadget scans a network, it’s looking for other devices on that network that could be connected to it.

New devices may be easily added and connected to a local network using the UPnP protocol. Uses of a UPnP include:

  • The installation of a new printer on every computer and tablet in the home.
  • Conveniently streaming and playing video games on a gaming console by connecting it to a server
  • Using a PC or smart TV to send material over the internet.
  • Connecting a mobile phone to a wireless speaker system.

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