Is Your Device Not Turning On?

No matter how many times you push the power button to switch on your computer, no light appears and your monitor remains dark. This can be quite the conundrum for users, and confusing to say the least.

Here are a couple ways you may be able to remedy the situation:

First, double-check your power cable.

Check that it is correctly inserted and that there is power in the electrical socket where it is plugged in. Whether that works, you should grab a multimeter and check the power switch to see if it works as well. Remove all RAM and disconnect any devices linked to your PC.

If it still does not function and your power switch and power cord are both fine, test the power supply.

Clean it up

Clean the circuit board. Pay careful attention to the area surrounding the CPU, for any potential shorts, burn marks, and so on. Use a soft brush to dust off any kind of debris seen. If you find any burns on the motherboard, it needs to be replaced.

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