Buying Refurbished Used Computers

You may be able to save money by purchasing a refurbished, used computer instead of a brand new laptop or desktop. There is often a 30-70% price difference between a new and used computer.

Most used computers don’t have the latest features that come with brand-new ones. If all you do with your computer is look at websites, check your email, and make documents, you can get by with an older model.

What to check for in a used computer

According to the NYTimes, physical condition, make/model number, and specs are the three most significant things to check for in a used personal computer.

Some used-PC sellers post pictures of the actual computers they’re selling, which makes it easier for you to assess a computer’s condition. Others might assign it a letter grade—stick to systems with an A or B rating to reduce the risk of visible damage or wear. The only way to guarantee you’ll get something that looks truly new is to buy a manufacturer-refurbished system.

Source: NYTimes

Recommended computer brands

Experts say that you should buy used computers and laptops from Dell, HP, Lenovo, or Apple. Used PCs from smaller companies like Acer or Asus are an option, but it has been said that older PCs from big companies are often easier to get parts and help for.

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