Apple iOS 13.2 Beta 4 Version

Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg author shared a tweet on October 23rd, sharing information about the beta update available in iOS. Though there isn’t an exact date, this one will be released to the public by the end of October.

This particular version should only be used by those who have devices that can support the beta development. The iOS 13.2 fixes bugs, includes features like new emojis, and gives some quality improvement. 9to5Mac shared:

“Aside for new emoji, iOS 13.2 also includes the Announce Messages with Siri feature that was originally meant for iOS 13.

With AirPods or other H1-enabled Beats headphones in your ears, you will be able to listen and respond to incoming text messages. Siri transcribes the message so you can hear the text without looking at your phone or watch. You can then ignore or immediately reply without having to say “Hey, Siri.”

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