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Covid-19 Scams Through Email

A whole new way of malicious intent

Hackers are finding new and unique ways of scamming people out of information and money. And with the number of remote workers due to the pandemic, users rely on digital communication.

Covid-19 has reeked havoc on people’s livelihoods. Money is tight all around. This gives people incentive to take advantage of any assistance programs available. While it’s ideal to have these programs, some are not legit.

“Have you seen in your inbox or in a social media group a message with an offer for free help during this pandemic? The messages use quite an appealing language and just at the end, there is a link to click for the offer. These are scams. Below is a sample of such scams, they are crafted very persuasively to give the victim but little or no time for delay.”
-Source: Makerere University
False Guarantee of Financial Relief

Throughout the past year and a half, malicious e-mails show up in millions of inboxes. These contain content promising financial aid to those who are in need of it. Links provided in the messages are a direction to receive said financial aid. However, this is not the case.

These e-mails are a ploy to steal personal information or inject malware into your computer. It is critical to double-check the sender’s email address to ensure its validity.

Furthermore, you should not click any links until you are confident that they were supplied by the firm. You may also detect grammar issues in the email, which would suggest that it is a phishing email.

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