Offline Access Feature with Google Drive

If you use Google Drive for your cloud storage space, you’ll want to know about this handy feature!

What is cloud storage?

Unfortunately, hard drives can only hold so much data. Cloud storage enables you to keep data and files in a remote place that you can access through the internet or a dedicated private network connection. A third-party supplier maintains, protects, operates, and maintains the servers and infrastructure, as well as ensuring that you have access to the data should you need it.

With Google Drive, you can share your files easier and back those files up from a remote location. And if you have a Google account, it comes with 15 GB of free storage automatically. With the amount of remote workers since the pandemic, utilizing Google’s tools will help workloads run smoother.

This is where this Google Drive’s feature comes in handy.

Remote work can indeed be stressful. Google Drive includes an Offline Access feature for users to gain admission to their files and data without internet.

Need to work during your commute or other times when you’re not connected to the internet? No problem. Google Drive lets you access your files while you’re offline, and then it’ll sync your changes when you get back online. You’ll need to use the Chrome browser and be signed in to your Google account.

Source: cnet

In the Settings app of the Google Drive, simply check the box for “Create, open, and edit your recent Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files on this device while offline.” It is encouraged for users not to click the box if it is a shared or public computer.

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