Experiencing computer security issues? Karls Technology can help!


Here’s a simple breakdown of the most common & dangerous


1)      Adware –> Advertising-supported software: Annoying and unwanted pop-ups, clutters  computers with advertisements

2)      Malicious software (MALWARE) –> Destroys files and damages computer hardware, worst-case-scenario: can render a computer non-functional

3)      Virus –> Infects a computer and replicates itself within the system memory, uses the infected computer as a carrier to spread the virus to other computer systems (worm), may have malware programmed into the virus code

4)      Rootkit –> Allows cybercriminals to gain remote access to a victims computer and ultimately provides them with complete and utter control over the computer of an unsuspecting victim

5)      Spyware –> Tracking cookies, surreptitiously gathers information about an individual or an organization, monitors computer processes, records keystrokes, passwords and other sensitive data such as financial information, potential identity theft

If you are confronted with any of these threats, just give KARLS TECHNOLOGY COMPUTER REPAIR a call. We will diagnose, detect and resolve all your computer security issues!

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