Computer Issues – Any suspicious activity on your computer?

Are you experiencing any of the following suspicious computer issues?
– Inexplicable changes to your homepage
– Redirection to unwanted and completely different sites than
– Incessant pop-up ads
– Your email address is sending out spam
– Webcam light is turning on by itself; unexpected sounds
played at random
– Appearance of a new browser toolbar; unwanted change of
default search engine
– Unexpected and sudden Start-up of programs; unknown
programs are installed automatically on your system
– Internet connectivity is slower than usual, computer “freezing”
If yes, then your computer may have been hijacked – Your computer may be under someone else’s control! A potential hijacker can monitor your PC, access your keystrokes and install unknown programs which, in turn, hog your system’s resources and slow down your PC!
KARLS TECHNOLOGY engineers Matt and Chris will CLEAN UP your system, keep you PROTECTED and give you crucial SAFE WEB BROWSING ADVICE!

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