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Computer technology for kids

Smartphone/tablet technology is revolutionizing the way children gather, organize and learn information! Nifty apps for vocabulary acquisition, handwriting practice and reading help children to master fundamental lessons in language while preparing them for an increasingly technologically connected world!
Karls Technology gives THUMBS UP for meaningful, hands-on learning experiences for kids!

Virus Alert: Android Users Beware!

Android users BEWARE: New ‘multi-function’ Trojan targeting Android mobile devices. Here’s a quick breakdown of the exploitative malware:
• Primarily an SMS Trojan surreptitiously sending short
messages to premium numbers
• Able to download and install additional malicious modules and
to infect other devices via Bluetooth connection
• Keeps most of its code encrypted, thereby complicating
analysis of the code
• “Evades detection and barricades itself inside” and ultimately
blocks removal attempts

Computer problems – Phishing

Here are a few TIPS to spot fraudulent phishing emails:
– A familiar (contact)name may appear in the ‘From’ and/or ‘Reply to’ field
–> Hover over the name(s) to see if unknown addresses appear instead of the correct and known address belonging to the familiar contact!
– The Subject line may contain a seemingly harmless message, e.g.: “Do you know about this” or “Take a look”
– Phishing emails may be disguised as an official email from a trustworthy entity, e.g. a bank
–> Look for misspellings!
– A strange hyperlink in the body of the message? Do NOT CLICK this link, as it may lead to a spoofed Website!

KarlsTechnology endorses SAFE WEB SURFING practices!!!