Trouble with Internet Connection

Internet connection issues are one of the greatest tech nuisances, but thankfully there are plenty of reasons for it. Most reasons require little effort too. Here are just a few:

  • Checking your network settings are the initial ‘go to’ for your connecting concerns. Search for Network Status in the Start Menu.
  • Your Internet Service Provider (or ISP) is having problems, resulting in the ‘waiting game’ until they get resolved
  • Your router/modem needs to be reset
  • Computer needs to be reset
  • Software is misconfigured for internet entry

Windows includes a Network Troubleshooter to help diagnose and fix the problem. From Network Status, you’ll find it listed. It’ll then scan your computer to aid in treatment. For Mac computers, use Network Utility.

For help troubleshooting network issues or your internet connection, call us at 1-800-620-5285.  Karls Technology is a nationwide computer service company with offices in many major cities. This blog post was brought to you from our staff at the Mesa Computer Repair Service, if you need computer repair in Mesa, AZ please call the local office at (480) 240-2950.

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