Was there a major Google algorithm change this week?

We started noticing last week that most of the websites we do SEO services for started changing in position in google search.  Google has finally made a statement that the massive fluctuations in page values is not a major algorithm change but is part of “normal fluctuations.”

There seems to be a consensus forming in the SEO community that despite what Google is saying they made a major algorithm update this last week.  We are seeing a lot of movement in positions especially for our clients that were effected by the last Google Penguin update.  I think this shows that content is king as our higher quality content sites see to be less impacted and possibly even boosted.  Time will tell if this event is considered Penguin update 5.0 (or maybe what Google is saying is this isn’t a major algorithm change but it is Penguin update 4.5) or not.

Microsoft ending Windows update patches for Windows 7 and Windows 8

Microsoft announced, last week, that they will end the normal Windows update patches for Windows 7 and Windows 8 in October 2016.  The normal Windows Update process will be replaced with a single monthly rollup that patches both security and reliability issues in a single package.  Each month’s rollup package will contain previous months rollups so only one package will need to be installed to bring your Windows operating system up to date.


There are some clear cut advantages and disadvantages to this new updating patching system.  You will now only need to install one update if you ever need to reinstall your operating system.  Windows 7 updates go back years and can take hours of rebooting, downloading and installing to bring a new computer up to date.  One big disadvantage is if you currently skip any updates (for instance the much disliked auto update to Windows 10 update) they will be installed with the first month’s rollup package.  There will also be no method to test or remove individual updates and patches that cause issue with older software or hardware.  This Windows 10 like all or nothing update method can cause a issues after each monthly rollup is released.

If you have any questions post a comment or contact the office at 480-240-2950 and If you have any issues with your computer after an update give us a call and we can fix your system for you.

How to prolong the life of your Computer!

KTI’s tips on how to prolong the life of your computer

– clean windows registry
– clean out temporary files, downloads, history and cookies
– run virus and malware scans regularly
– clear recycle bin
– keep all the software on your computer up to date, including
antivirus software and the operating system
– Keep your computer out of the heat and instead in a well-
ventilated area
– Dust can clog up your fan and accumulate on circuits inside,
which in turn can overheat your system leading to various
– Clean your computer regularly

KTI’s tips for Macbook users:

1) Clean off your Hard Drive – Make sure you have sufficient free disk space (exhausting your disk space will significantly slow down your system), Clean out unnecessary files and/or upgrade to a larger disk
2) Stop applications from automatically launching upon login –> clean out Startup items (go to System Preferences to reconfigure your settings)
3) Clean out “Other” System Preferences that you do not use or need
4) Upgrade your MAC’s RAM
5) Check your Apple Activity Monitor to find info on CPU usage, virtual memory usage and RAM requirements 
6) Use “Fan Control” to keep your Mac running cool, thereby maximizing its performance
7) Manage and evaluate your Widgets properly – disable the ones you do not need to enhance your computing efficiency

KARLS TECHNOLOGY is devoted to giving your computer a long and healthy life!

Productive workspace

Does your workspace boost or hinder your creativity & productivity?
Messy, cluttered desks, cable jungles and insufficient storage can quickly stifle your mood and creativity. Here are some tips to create your perfect workspace:
– Find your trouble spots and re-evaluate your belongings
– Create storage options and find a home for everything
– Clean off your desk regularly to prevent clutter
– Tame your cables
– Add some green to bring life into office (paint or plants)
– Customize your space with a few personal, meaningful touches

Computer Virus removal – Vicious Vobfus & Beebone Cycle


The Vobfus worm and the Beebone Trojan families operate in close collaboration with each other. Once either one of these vicious programs infects a system, it downloads the other software program as well, triggering an endless, self-perpetuating loop of malware infections. The cyclical relationship between Vobfus and Beebone allows them to constantly update each other with new variants. As a team of so called ‘Downloaders’ they manage to easily elude antivirus software, as they alternatively download different variations of each other as well as other strains of malicious programs from their command. Be wary of external links from suspicious sources!



Firewalls – effectively shield your system from computer security issues


While antivirus software is an essential component of an effective protection against viruses and malicious content lurking in the web, it is not sufficient on its own! Antivirus technology uses inherent heuristic methods to detect quarantine and delete identified threats. However, no operating system is ever completely immune and impervious to a cyber attack. A second line of defense, in addition to antivirus software, can significantly reinforce an individual’s or a company’s network security: A FIREWALL!

Firewalls protect the perimeter of a network by monitoring and filtering all network traffic – desired and undesired. Once unwanted traffic has been identified, they create barriers to thwart potential attackers and malicious programs, thereby shielding the network from unauthorized access. Furthermore, users can configure their firewall’s security settings to accommodate their personal/corporate privacy needs. Excessively restrictive settings may prohibit a user’s internet access entirely. Finding the right balance is the key: Amplify your/your company’s network security while maximizing your own/your employee’s productivity!

Without a firewall, potential attackers can easily identify your computer as a vulnerable victim, surreptitiously enter your network and compromise the system’s security. Don’t make yourself an easy target for cyber threats! If you need help installing a firewall or advice to determine what firewall program is right for you just call KARLS TECHNOLOGY computer repair. Let our experienced engineers outfit your system with the best firewall and antivirus programs.

THE BEST PROTECTION against computer security issues IS PREVENTION!



KTI Computer Services – We resolve all your frustrating Computer Issues!

Another Annoying Computer Issue plaguing many technology users

Keeping many Tabs opened at once allows for advanced Web navigation. However, this can also cause significant confusion and frustration when all of a sudden an unidentified sound is coming from the computer, yet the source cannot be located. Oftentimes, this problem can be fixed by going through all the opened tabs one by one and scanning the websites for the annoying audio until the source has been found; a very tedious task. In some cases, though, the sound may stem from spurious commercials triggered by spyware or other malicious programs.

If in doubt, call KARLS TECHNOLOGY Computer Services! Our engineers will detect and resolve all underlying computer issues  : – )


Prevalent Computer Issues



In the last 2 blog posts we have addressed common and dangerous computer security threats and have discussed the # 1 computer problem – slow computer performance. The following post will expand on the topic of widespread computer issues. KARLS TECHNOLOGY hopes that this essential computer knowledge will help technology users prolong the lifespan of their digital devices!

What’s the strange WHIRRING NOISE coming from inside your PC? Most likely this is a sign of an overtaxed or dying FAN. Your fan may have come loose or may have become clogged with dirt and dust, decreasing its effectiveness and requiring it to work harder than it should have to. Thus, it is vital to clean out any dirt and debris that may obstruct the computer’s ventilation. A non-functional fan can potentially cause OVERHEATING as well. All components of a computer demand appropriate and sufficient ventilation and cooling, as they generate heat during operation. When you are dealing with any kind of odd computer noise it is of utmost importance to perform a backup of all valuable, irreplaceable files saved on the system’s hard drive. Although clicking sounds are the predominant, ominous indicators of a HARD DRIVE CRASH, failing to acknowledge other strange noises as a sign of a potentially serious issue could result in catastrophic data loss. There are many possible causes for hard drive failure, including overheating, faulty air filter, power surges, violent vibration, static electricity, mechanical failure and virus infection.

Your PC’s longevity is top priority!




What contributes to a computer’s performance loss?

First and foremost, every technology user should be aware of a computer’s limitations with regards to the amount of storage space, RAM as well as processing power & speed. The more programs you have installed on your computer and the more documents, graphics, pictures, music, videos and toolbars you have saved on your system, the slower your computer will become eventually. Additionally, useless temporary files, cookies and data (e.g. from web browsing and unexpected computer restarts) can accumulate on your system and degrade your computer’s performance gradually. This unnecessary debris takes up precious drive space and needlessly overburdens and exhausts your systems processing load. Low hard drive space, insufficient memory storage and/or deficient processing power to perform your desired actions can also lead to software crashes and cause your system to slow down considerably.

During a computer’s startup process certain indispensable programs are required to start and run automatically. However, there are plenty of applications which, by default, launch at start-up automatically and run needlessly in the background. Combined with the desired programs and applications you have started up yourself, there are likely too many services running at once, further contributing to your computer’s performance loss. Every program uses a small amount of processing power, even if it is merely running in the background. Hence, it takes significantly longer for your computer to start up when it is attempting to load many different apps simultaneously.

Another possible reason for a sluggish computer performance is the fragmentation (‘messiness’) of your system’s hard drive. When creating and saving new files on a computer, they are written onto the surface of the computer’s hard drive in no particular order and in a fragmented configuration. Instead of saving a file as a single unit, it is split up into several units and stored across various locations on the hard drive. Over time users create, save and delete more and more files, thereby steadily amplifying the fragmented nature of the computer’s hard drive. The process of gathering the scattered pieces demands increasingly more time and overtaxes the computer’s resources. Consequently, the computer’s responsiveness slows down.                                                        What can help? –> Defragmentation software!

A computer system’s painfully slow performance may also indicate the presence of malicious security threats on your computer. Be sure to check out our previous blog post which covers the most common and dangerous types of security threats! http://www.karlstechnology.com/blog/computersecurityissues/

Karls Technology Computer Repair will perform regular maintenance on your computer system to sustain the speed and responsiveness of your computer! Don’t be a victim of the # 1 computer problem. Let us help you instead!

notebook, and two persons on white background

Experiencing computer security issues? Karls Technology can help!


Here’s a simple breakdown of the most common & dangerous


1)      Adware –> Advertising-supported software: Annoying and unwanted pop-ups, clutters  computers with advertisements

2)      Malicious software (MALWARE) –> Destroys files and damages computer hardware, worst-case-scenario: can render a computer non-functional

3)      Virus –> Infects a computer and replicates itself within the system memory, uses the infected computer as a carrier to spread the virus to other computer systems (worm), may have malware programmed into the virus code

4)      Rootkit –> Allows cybercriminals to gain remote access to a victims computer and ultimately provides them with complete and utter control over the computer of an unsuspecting victim

5)      Spyware –> Tracking cookies, surreptitiously gathers information about an individual or an organization, monitors computer processes, records keystrokes, passwords and other sensitive data such as financial information, potential identity theft

If you are confronted with any of these threats, just give KARLS TECHNOLOGY COMPUTER REPAIR a call. We will diagnose, detect and resolve all your computer security issues!